Thanksgiving Cards & A Giveaway!

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Welcome back to Tanoshii Crafts! Sorry for the long delay; this time of year really picks up at work, plus I just bought a new Nikon D3100 so my time off has been split between photography and attempting not to resemble the living dead. The photography has been relatively successful, at least, especially since autumn is officially here and the leaves have just started turning colors.

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The craft room has also been in a minor state of disarray lately. We’re making the final adjustments to perfect the furniture and the layout, and even added some more lighting today. Somehow, the process of getting organized always seems to result in more mess in the meantime, but it’s starting to look like we might survive the chaos after all. Mom got a new Silhouette Cameo for her birthday – it’s amazing, and sure to be featured in future posts – but I don’t think either of us knew just how much space two electronic cutters would take up!

Today, however, things have calmed down enough to clear up some workspace and give me a chance to create. I have to admit, I’m not very good about sending cards. I have the best intentions, but I’ve only managed to send Christmas cards two or three years, and I’m even worse about birthdays… the fact that some people even manage to send cards for holidays like Thanksgiving is amazing to me. But when I saw these stamps at Technique Tuesday, the negative-space stamp was far too unusual and appealing to pass up.

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The first card I created is pretty true to my style – clean lines and bold colors. The papers came from what is currently my second-favorite paper pack, Simply Autumn by Recollections – the same pack I used for my Boo Bags. (In case you’re wondering, my favorite pack is Cherry Limeade by DCWV. I might have purchased three packs recently, just to make sure I would never run out, but you didn’t hear that from me.)

The leaves on this card are actually from the same paper pack, on a page that has an all-over leaf pattern. Rule number one when choosing papers: not every paper is going to make a fantastic background, but embellishments are lurking around every corner. I picked out a piece of the paper that had some nice, sparkly leaves – because glitter is always good – and used my Fiskars fingertip swivel knife to cut around the edges of my bottom piece, and then cut out a whole leaf for the top corner as well.

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I knew I liked the tab shape of the stamp I was using, and I decided to highlight it by adding it as a tab to the top of my card. When I stamped my sentiment, I used the back of a scrap of my striped paper, because it was going to stick up and show on the inside as well. I stamped high enough to give myself a place to put my adhesive, and just cut around the edges of the stamp to make sure it was rounded on the corners. The picture above demonstrates how much my projects morph while I’m working – the green ink I ended up using was definitely not the first direction I tried.

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The paper I cut the leaves out of also had cute glittery acorns. I didn’t want to add anything else to my well-balanced cover, so I added it to the inside of the card. It looks super cute with the hint of stripes from the front, as well.

Just to challenge myself, I decided to also make a Thanksgiving card using papers I wouldn’t necessarily work with. I chose a slightly distressed purple K&Company paper for the base of this one:

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The sentiment here is from the same Ali Edwards set, but it has a more distressed look to it. I forgot that embossing powders will stick to regular stamp ink, so I also used a Perfect Pearls pen to add some extra ink. It was unnecessary, but I’m not unhappy with the way it turned out, probably just a little thicker than it would have had I not used the pen. The embossing powders I used were gold and copper, and once they had been heat set they looked like a foil paper. Absolutely beautiful effect, I’ll have to remember that one for later. I stamped the sentiment on a strip of cream linen card stock, but it was too harsh on this organic paper, so I softened it with a couple of different techniques. I used a Martha Stewart border punch along the top, and a ribbon punch along the bottom, which I then threaded with a purple satin ribbon because it was soft and pulled in the shiny purple from the main paper. The bow was added later to balance the off-center ribbon along the bottom – I hate symmetry, but I also don’t like when things feel unbalanced, so it’s a constant balancing act when I’m crafting.

The leaf and the acorn on this card were punched from sparkly copper papers using die-cuts from Cheery Lynn Designs. They work in my Sizzix Big Shot on the thickest cutting platform. It took me ages to figure out how to lay out the leaf and the acorn, but I like the way they ended up, like leaves on the ground in the fall.

Since both cards used sentiments from Ali Edwards’ October Studio AE set, I’m excited to let you know that you have an opportunity to get the same set as your very own!

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Technique Tuesday offers a membership for Studio AE, and as a member you get a limited edition stamp set every month from Ali Edwards. I adore Ali’s handwriting sentiment stamps, so I signed up this month. A shipping error resulted in me having an extra set of October’s stamp set, and when I contacted the company about it, they said I could share it. So, to win this set of autumn-themed stamps, leave a comment on this post with a contact email by Monday, November 14th. I’ll randomly choose a winner from the comments and they’ll have some beautiful new stamps just in time for Thanksgiving cards, place settings, decorations, or whatever else you may come up with.

As always, I hope this blog has been inspirational, educational, and fun. If you’d like to be notified when new posts go up, feel free to subscribe using the email form on the right-hand side of the page. Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck!

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Boo Bags!


Welcome back to Tanoshii Crafts! I spent most of my day today preparing these Boo Bags for my next-door neighbors. I got the idea from Lead Fiskateer Angela Daniels, in the first episode of her new video series, The Guilty Crafter. Check it out, the video is too cute, and she’s bound to share lots of brilliant crafting ideas in future episodes as well. Essentially, a Boo Bag is a secret treat you leave on your neighbors’ doorsteps. Once a neighbor has been “Boo’d”, it’s their turn to surprise other neighbors – it’s a great way to encourage a friendly neighborhood, and everyone gets to enjoy the holiday a little early.

I live on a busy street in a rural area, so even though both my next-door neighbors have kids, we don’t get to see them or other Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween. They go to other neighborhoods where the houses are closer together and the streets are well-lit with less traffic. It seemed perfect to start the Boo Bag tradition with these neighbors, and I shopped specifically with the girls in mind.


The first thing a Boo Bag needs is, obviously, a bag. You can use grocery bags, or any other type of bag you have laying around – we haven’t had paper grocery bags in ages, but I found these great brown paper gift bags at the dollar store. The dollar store was a great resource today, because it’s currently full of Halloween stuff! I found these giant foam shapes and the Halloween-colored foam letter stickers there as well, along with some things to include in the bag for the neighbors. Since I don’t really have a reason to do many Halloween-related crafts or scrapbook pages, I was grateful to not have to spend a lot of money on these supplies. If you choose materials similar to mine, be careful about what adhesive you use for the foam shapes. I dislike glue, and try to do everything with Glue Dots and tape rollers, but nothing was sticking to this foam! I eventually got some medium Glue Dots to do the trick, but it was a challenge. If you don’t have an aversion to glue, that might have been the easiest way to stick these.


The other essential part to the Boo Bag is the sign for the door that lets other neighbors know who has been Boo’d and who hasn’t. I picked up this beautiful fall-themed paper stack by DCWV last week, called Simply Autumn. It’s not strictly Halloween, so I’ll be able to use the papers for other projects, but they were perfect for this one! I decided to go with a tag for my door-hangers, and I found a good tag shape in our newest Cricut cartridge, Art Philosophy by Close to My Heart. My mom got this one from a consultant at the Scrapbook Expo in Illinois, and it was a big splurge, but completely worth it; especially since it came with an assortment of stamp sets that I’ve been using on everything lately. One tip I can give you when cutting patterned paper in a Cricut – be sure to pay attention to how your pattern relates to your shape, especially when it’s a directional pattern like the stripes above. The Cricut cuts right-to-left, and the top of your shape ends up on the right side. I knew I wanted these to be vertical stripes on my tag, so you can see that I lined them up accordingly on my cutting mat.


Never let a scrap go to waste! Anything that has been used and is no longer a 12×12 piece of paper suitable for a page in a scrapbook gets sorted into a folder – one each for solid colors, patterned colors, solid neutrals and patterned neutrals. The same drawer that holds these folders also has a bag full of useable shapes (ones that weren’t used in other projects, die-cut negatives that would still make interesting accents, or those accidental shapes that often come from misinterpreting what the Cricut is going to do – something that happens every time I use it, no matter how many calculations I make!), and a bag full of tiny scraps that eventually get utilized for thumb punches.


The next step was the fun part: decorating the tags. The Simply Autumn paper pack has a couple of pages that are good for embellishments and borders. I cut off a section of a border, and used my Fiskars fingertip swivel craft knife to cut out the scalloped border – it’s my favorite tool for cutting rounded edges, stamps, or really anything that isn’t a straight line. You might have noticed that I cut a green tag and a striped tag earlier; I did this so that I would have perfectly matching layers on one of the tags. The stripe was cut to cover a little more than a third of the tag, and then I used this great Halloween border punch from Martha Stewart, called “Drippy Goo”. The name alone was enough to make me want it, but it really had an awesome effect on these stripes. This Halloween-themed stamp set is by Close to My Heart, and it was one of the sets that came with the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge I mentioned earlier. Cute as it is, I had no idea I was actually going to get to use it so soon, but it was really the perfect finishing touch on my tags.


I meant to laminate both tags to add a bit of necessary weather-proofing (in Chicago, you never know if it’s going to snow before Halloween, and I’m pretty sure these won’t hold up to rain, either), but I forgot to do so before I put the letter stickers on. Oops! I’ll just have to hope for sunshine until November, because those stickers are stuck.


Since Boo Bags are new in my neighborhood, I needed to include an explanation and some instructions. I decided to put this information on the door-hangers, but I’m not very fond of my handwriting and I was afraid to mess up these adorable tags I’d just spent all evening making, so I typed it up on the computer. As you might have noticed in earlier entries, Google image searches are one of my favorite resources, and this was no exception. Some creative image combinations and a fun font gave this a lot more personality than a plain text page, and it’s a whole lot better than my handwriting would have been. This was incredibly easy to make, but if you like mine and use a Mac, you can download the Pages ’09 document here. I’ll get a more universal format up soon; check back here in a day or two if you’re looking for a PDF.

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With all the decorative elements completed, the last step was to fill the Boo Bags. I mentioned earlier that the neighbors I’m delivering these to each have two daughters; with that in mind I included fun Trick-or-Treat bags that I found at the grocery store, some glow sticks for better visibility on Halloween, pumpkin-adorned bendy straws, and some big gourmet sugar cookies. The total amount spent on each child actually comes to about $2.50, since I found everything at either the dollar store or the supermarket, so it didn’t cost a lot to put together a fun surprise for my neighbors. I’ll be delivering these tomorrow night, and I’m really pleased with the way they turned out. Hopefully “Booing” the neighbors catches on around here! If this looks like fun to you, maybe it’s time to start a tradition in your neighborhood, too. Grab a bag and start decorating! Keep an eye on this blog for future updates, and if you want to be notified of new posts, feel free to sign up via email using the link on the right side of the page. Ja ne! (See you later!)

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